Calgary Bail Hearing Lawyer

Bail Hearings Impact Your Freedoms: A bail hearing is an important part of ensuring that you don’t spend time behind bars or make a plea without proper legal advice. Choosing the right lawyer to assist you is critical. A poorly conducted bail hearing can result in large cash requirements or unnecessary restrictions affecting your ability to work, travel, drive or take care of your family. The lawyers at Bourdon Defence understand this and always work with you to ensure your freedom is preserved and you don’t end up doing time before you’ve even gone to trial.

Approach, Experience, and Expertise are Key: Often underestimated by those unfamiliar with bail hearings, good preparation, the right approach, and knowing the law are critical to reducing bail terms. The experienced team at Bourdon Defence know this and work against prosecution requests for unreasonable restrictions or large cash bail amounts that do not fit the law or your circumstances. Don’t be fooled into believing that all hearings are simple and straightforward. Our team leads the necessary hard challenges and negotiations within the legal system to represent best your interests and objectives. Call today to get one of our lawyers working for you.