Calgary Breach Charge Lawyer

Breach Offences Defense in Calgary

Understand the Real Consequences: If you have been charged with breach charges in Calgary don’t go unrepresented or plead guilty without understanding the real consequences. Convictions should be avoided whenever possible and will affect your ability to get future release (bail). These types of convictions on a criminal record will also impact your ability to receive certain sentences, like probation or a CSO (community supervision order) because the Court looks at breach charges as an indication that you will not follow a court order. EVERY criminal conviction, even smaller ones like breach charges, affect your life and your options. You deserve the help of Bourdon Defence where we understand the real consequences, your defence options, and are always on your side.

Get Help in Knowing What Defence or Justification Exists: Breach charges include charges related to failing to appear, disobeying conditions of bail or recognizance, and contravening conditions of a probation order or conditional sentence. These types of offences are always taken seriously because they represent a failure to comply with a supervisory order of the Court. Knowing what defences are possible and what might be justifiable or excusable may be key to avoiding a conviction. This requires an understanding of the law, the specifics of the conditions, and the circumstances leading to the breach, including your ability to understand and meet these conditions. Understanding and avoiding the negative consequences of a breach charge begins with a phone call and conversation with the experienced defence team at Bourdon Defence. Don’t delay, call today.