Calgary Youth Offences Lawyers

Youth Criminal Defense in Calgary

Get Fair Treatment: Those under 18 years of age charged with a criminal offence fall under special procedural laws and guidelines contained in the Youth Criminal Justice Act and should have the help of an experienced criminal lawyer. This Act provides special processes for administering justice involving youth including special prosecution options, limits on the permanency of a criminal record, and wider or more versatile options for sentencing. The focus is frequently on ensuring a youth offender is treated fairly, always has legal representation, and has opportunity to be accountable and to change.

Protect Your Special Guarantees and Rights: Youth offenders require special judicial treatment that balances a public need for justice against recognizing that the varied stages of development of juveniles affect their moral and legal blameworthiness so they should not be treated as adults. The experienced legal team at Bourdon Defence understands fully the principles, application, intent, and the reality of the procedures and sentencing options under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Their practical experience and professional approach protect the special guarantees and rights of youth offenders in ways that are meaningful, practical, and effective. When you are looking for results, look to the professionals at Bourdon Defence.