Calgary Dangerous Driving Lawyer

Charged with Careless Driving in Calgary?

Dangerous Driving Charges Are Serious: We understand that dangerous driving charges can complicate your life and seriously affect your ability to work and look after a family. In some cases, the Criminal Code and the Courts consider dangerous driving more serious and egregious than impaired driving. The most serious of events can result in long periods of jail time. Our aim at Bourdon Defence is to defend you against this charge with vigor and passion.

There is growing intolerance for dangerous driving, prosecutions of these driving offences are likely to increase in intensity. Even a mishap occurring when driving distracted can move to a more serious driving charge. These driving offences deserve a strong legal defence. We offer sound legal advice and a well planned, strategic defence that makes sense.

We’re in Your Corner: If you are charged with dangerous driving, you need a professional legal team in your corner fighting for you. Bourdon Defence is your team. Part of our job is ensuring that you have access to the most current case law, that the evidence is thoroughly vetted to establish your best defence, that the prosecution is challenged to your advantage, and that processes and options are explained in ways that you understand. Full understanding of the law is essential to mounting a good defence – we bring this understanding. We apply our knowledge, expertise, tenacity, and record of successes to working with you to achieve the most favourable results.