Calgary Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charged with Domestic Assault in Calgary?

Toughening Up: There is growing public pressure to toughen up on domestic violence and domestic assault charges. Sometimes this creates eagerness in police officers to charge individuals with these crimes having heard only one side of the story and without adequate investigation or inquiry. It is not at the discretion of the “victim” to “press charges” – that is an American practice. In Canada the police choose whether or not to charge an individual with domestic assault. And most times they do so based solely on what one person says. At Bourdon Defence our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers ensure your side of the story is heard and that your rights are preserved. We understand how things can sometimes get out of control and we understand where the reach of the law should stop. Toughening stances require toughened responses. The legal team of Bourdon Defence knows tough and is on your side.

Act Quickly in Getting Help: If you are charged with a crime involving domestic violence, domestic assault, or domestic abuse, there are a number of restrictions that will likely occur very quickly. These may include restrictions on accessing or living at your own home if the incident involved someone else who lives there. You may not be able to see your children. Act quickly in getting the legal assistance you need. Our experienced legal defence team can help reduce the impact of the criminal charges. Telling your side of the story to anyone but your lawyer can work against you. At your first opportunity call Bourdon Defence and get an experienced lawyer on your side.