Calgary Driving Offence Lawyer

Not Your Average Traffic Ticket: Criminal charges related to driving offences are those found in the Criminal Code of Canada. These include charges of impaired driving, dangerous driving, driving offences that cause death, failing to provide a sample, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, fleeing police, and driving while disqualified. These are not your average traffic tickets but are criminal offences that can mean large fines, skyrocketing insurance rates, licence suspensions, vehicle seizure, and jail time, not to mention a criminal record.

Some provincial traffic offences do not lead to a criminal record, but may still seriously affect your daily life. Driving offences like driving while over 0.05, careless driving, hit and run, and excessive speeding may have a serious impact on your ability to drive, your insurance, or result in jail time. If you have been charged with a serious traffic offence, get help from a driving offence lawyer at Bourdon Defence.