Calgary Driving While Disqualified Lawyer

Charged with Driving with a suspended license in Calgary?

Convictions for Driving While Disqualified Usually Mean JAIL: If you are disqualified from driving, and you operate a motor vehicle, vessel, aircraft or railway equipment in any Canadian province or territory - a conviction could likely result in jail time. In Alberta, there have been increasing efforts to locate and prosecute those driving while disqualified.

Take driving while disqualified seriously: the courts, police, and prosecutors do!

Get the defence to Which You Are Entitled: You might think that these matters are always straightforward, but there are ways to challenge any case. A strong legal team helps determine how to best challenge the evidence, the prosecution’s case, and how to avoid serious convictions. Taking your defence seriously starts with obtaining experienced and professional legal assistance from Bourdon Defence. We’re the team that works with you - making sure you understand the law, the processes, and what your defence strategy can look like. If you have been charged with a disqualified driving charge, you’ll want to call right away.