Calgary Drug Offences Lawyer

Charged with Drug Possession in Calgary?

The legal team at Bourdon Defence should be your first call if you have been charged with any drug offence. The law surrounding these offences can be complicated, and the help of an experienced drug lawyer at Bourdon Defence can make all the difference to whether you are convicted, or how severe a sentence might be.

Minor Drug Convictions Have Large Negative Affects For You: Drug offences include drug possession, drug distribution or drug trafficking, possession of proceeds from crime, production of drugs, and import or export of drugs. The severity of the crime is generally related to the type and quantity of drugs involved. Use or possession of a firearm or weapon will also increase the severity of a drug offence.

However, even minor drug offences can negatively impact your work options, travel options, and other important aspects of your life, so don’t represent yourself. Bourdon Defence is always on your side in vigorously challenging the prosecution’s case against you. This means exploring and advancing all defence options, challenging all evidence for admissibility and trustworthiness, locating and advancing all procedural errors that may assist you in a defence, and raising all legal arguments that favour you. We believe you deserve the best defence possible and that is our commitment.

Get the Help You Need and Deserve: Don’t be fooled that current talk of legalizing marijuana means leniency on drug possession and other drug offences has arrived. With increasingly lethal drugs on the street, there is a movement to toughen up prosecutions and increase minimum penalties. You can’t afford to be without lawyers who are tough in defending your rights and advancing your defence – a drug lawyer at Bourdon Defence is the call you must to make in getting the help you need and deserve.