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Driving While Impaired Defence

Impaired Driving Charges Have an Immediate Impact: On-the-spot licence suspensions or vehicle seizures related to impaired driving charges or driving over the legal limit immediately affect your legal ability to drive and therefore immediately disrupt your life. Getting an experienced lawyer on your side right away is your best option to reduce the impact of impaired driving related charges. Find an experienced DUI lawyer with a call today to Bourdon Defence.

A DUI (Driving under the Influence) charge is a commonly used American expression for an impaired driving charge or a charge of driving with a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit. Other charges that relate to impaired driving may include care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired or failing to provide a breath sample. If you were involved in an accident while driving impaired, charges could include impaired driving causing bodily harm or impaired driving causing death.

Toughening Approaches: Recently Alberta got tougher on impaired driving. Blood alcohol levels of over 0.08 (or “over 80”) will result in criminal charges. Blood alcohol levels over 0.05 (0.04 in some provinces) can result in immediate licence suspensions and vehicle seizures. Impairment is not restricted to alcohol use. Use of drugs whether illegal, prescription or over-the-counter can lead to impaired driving charges. If drugs or alcohol hampers your judgment and ability to accurately perceive and react to what’s happening around you in a timely and appropriate way, you can be charged with impaired driving. A DUI lawyer will be able to thoroughly explain the consequences associated with each charge.

Get the Help You Deserve and Need: Knowing if you have a defence to a DUI or other related impaired driving charge starts with a call to Bourdon Defence. Your DUI lawyer will help you every step of the way and is always on your side. We work hard to reduce the disruptive effects of the charges on your everyday life. We take the time to get your side of the story, understand your objectives and goals, contact the Crown prosecutor, scrutinize all the evidence and police processes, and help you understand the law and your options. Drawing upon our experience, past successes, and detailed knowledge of the law and judicial processes in Alberta, we work with you in providing advice to make decisions about how best to proceed. Anyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to understand fully the options for a defence under the law. Having an experienced legal team behind you is the only way to ensure you have all the legal protections you deserve.

Don’t Delay: Delay works against you, as does saying too much if you are stopped on a DUI charge. Contacting a DUI lawyer as soon as you can ensures that you don't make mistakes that can cost you a good defence later. The consequences of a DUI charge, or related impaired driving charge, make it worthwhile to get professional, defence-targeted help. Don’t rely on what you think you know about the law, or what your friends tell you, get the best advice you can and get it right away. Professional legal advice from experienced lawyers with a track record of success can tip the balance in your favour. If stopped for a DUI, call Bourdon Defence immediately – don’t delay.