Calgary Firearm Offences Lawyer

Weapon Charges Defence in Calgary

All Weapons Can Be Lethal or Threatening: Weapons charges, including firearm offences, often relate to possession of an illegal weapon, concealing a weapon, improper use and storage of a firearm, or dangerous or illegal use of a weapon. Firearm (gun) charges are generally treated more seriously than other weapons charges. However, all weapons are recognized for their lethal capabilities and threatening nature, so improper or illegal uses of any weapon is likely to attract serious criminal consequences.

Never Treat Weapons Offences Lightly: Weapons used intentionally to injure another person or used in committing another crime are often the most serious of weapons offences. However, even when you believe a firearm or weapons offence to be minor, it can seriously affect your ability to travel or obtain employment, so never treat these offences lightly. Weapons charges are sometimes a misunderstanding – perhaps you were not aware that you were not storing your firearm properly or perhaps you were not up to date on what was required to properly transport your firearm legally. Due to the fact that it was a mistake on your part, you may think you can just go to court and explain yourself to the judge. Wrong! These charges have serious consequences, such as getting a criminal record or having your firearm taken from you and destroyed. You need legal advice now. Get a lawyer on your side for any type of weapons offences.

We’re Here to Help: The Bourdon Defence legal team is here to help. We understand the law, including the complexities and limits of search and seizure that may have been used in locating a weapon. We’ll challenge the evidence for all weaknesses, help you understand the law, work with you in finding the best defence strategy, and always vigorously represent you. Call today and get our legal team working for you.