Calgary Murder Defence Lawyers

Charged with Homicide or Manslaughter Offences in Calgary?

Legal Help is a Must: Homicide, or murder, is the most serious criminal charge and one of the most complex areas of criminal law. If you have been charged with homicide, murder, manslaughter, or other crimes leading to, or likely to lead to death, you can't be without legal help – you need a homicide lawyer on your side.

Experience is a Must: Defending charges involving a death requires an experienced homicide lawyer. Bourdon Defence offers the experience necessary to conduct your trial and defence. We're here to help you understand the law, the processes, your options, and to work with you in finding the defence strategies that serve you best. We work methodically and comprehensively for you, exploring all reasonable options, interrogating all evidence, working every reasonable challenge, and fighting for you. Seek the help you need at Bourdon Defence – experience, tenacity, and knowledge on your side!

Don’t Delay: Call Bourdon Defence immediately if you have been arrested for any homicide or crime involving a serious personal injury that may result in death.