Calgary Internet Crime Lawyer

Charged with a Cyber Crime in Calgary?

Internet Crime Convictions Seriously Impact Your Life: Are you accused of an internet scam, fraud, internet luring, harassment, possession of child pornography, or accessing or transmitting child pornography? Convictions involving internet crime are harshly prosecuted and can seriously impact your life. We are here to help you through navigating an effective defence.

Fully Understand and Defend the Charges Against You: To prove most of these crimes requires search and seizure of electronic data, records, and equipment to gain the necessary evidence. The laws surrounding internet crime and search and seizure are complex. The internet crime lawyers at Bourdon Defence understand well these complexities and how this can work in your favour. We know, for example, what common pitfalls may occur during gathering of evidence that help defend you. We always put the prosecution to the test. Many people believe that internet crime is not as serious because they didn’t see or deal with an actual person – the perception is that the other person is in “cyberspace” and therefore the damage or hurt isn’t as real. The law takes a very strong stance against internet crime because the internet is impacting Canadians’ lives on an everyday basis. The internet allows others into our homes in unprecedented ways. Not taking internet criminal charges seriously can jeopardize your freedom and your future.

Begin fully understanding the case against you and challenging it right away with your cyber crime lawyer. Serious and complex, you don't want to be defended by anyone other than a professional legal team. Call a internet crime lawyer at Bourdon Defence – always on your side.