Calgary Sexual Assault Lawyers

Charged with a Sex Crime in Calgary?

The Punishment May Go Beyond the Law: The stigma of being charged with a sex crime or sexual offence, whether convicted or not, may cause harm to you beyond any punishment at law. Sex crimes, including sexual assault, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, and inappropriate touching have a great deal of negative social stigma attached to them. Convictions of sexual offences can follow you for life. If the court orders you to register as a sex offender, you will not be permitted to go to any elementary schools, playgrounds, public pools, etc., EVEN with your own children. Gone will be your opportunity to take your kids to Disney Land or even your neighbourhood park. Your neighbours will have the ability to find out that you were convicted of a sex offence involving a minor, and the social stigma will ruin your life. These are important reasons to have an experienced lawyer on your side. You need a lawyer who knows how to help control any negative publicity, who hears your side of the story and defends you vigorously, and a lawyer who challenges every aspect of the allegations to give you the best possible defence.

Talk Only to Your Lawyer: If you have been accused or arrested on suspicion of a sexual assault or other sexual offence, don’t talk to anyone about it but your lawyer. Telling the police, a friend or a family member about your side of the story may feel good, it might seem like a way to beat the charges at the time of arrest, but it will only assist the prosecution and perhaps reduce your ability to defend yourself properly. You will also be putting your friend or family member in the position of becoming a Crown witness and having to testify against you. The consequences can be devastating and require serious help from an experienced lawyer. Insist on your right to speak to a lawyer before providing any information to the police. Help yourself and call Bourdon Defence before talking to anyone else.