Calgary Stolen Property Lawyer

Charged with Property Crime in Calgary?

Property Crimes Can Be Serious: Stolen property crimes, including shoplifting, possession of stolen property, or stealing through actions of fraud, can seriously affect your ability to work, support your family, and travel. At Bourdon Defence we work with you to defend against these serious charges and minimize these impacts.

The seriousness of property crimes increases with the complexity of the alleged act and as the value of the property increases. Seriousness also increases if you are in a position of trust, it involves your employer, or violence was involved. The more serious the crime, the more aggressively jail time and other penalties will be pursued. Good defence strategies start with skilled and knowledgeable approaches that can include focusing on and challenging the key elements increasing the seriousness of the offence in the eyes of the law. If you are suspected of or have been charged with property crimes, don’t talk to anyone but your stolen property lawyer at Bourdon Defence. We are always on your side with the advice and support you need to get the defence you deserve.

Understanding Complexity: A property crime charge can be laid even though you have not yet wrongfully obtained any property, and is an example of one of the complexities in the application and prosecution of property crimes laws. There are many others. Fraud charges can be laid even if the fraud has been unsuccessful as of yet, possession of stolen property charges can be laid whether you know the property to be stolen or not, and property offence charges can be laid if you are found in the same location as stolen property. Theft and property crimes also often involve search and seizure procedures that can be challenged under the complex set of laws related to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. An experienced theft lawyer at Bourdon Defence is ready to sort through these complexities with you to make them understandable and to help defend you against the property crime charges or allegations faced.

Reducing the Impact of Shoplifting or Possession of Stolen Property Charges: Shoplifting charges might involve theft of property with little value, a one-time occurrence, or personal circumstances that reduce the seriousness of the offence. However, don’t plead guilty without understanding that even minor offences result in a criminal record that can significantly influence your life. Pleading guilty can result in you being banned from returning to a particular shopping district or can result in the store trying to seek restitution from you.

Minor theft or possession of stolen property offences can sometimes be managed through a conditional discharge, and this avoids a criminal record. It's one way to help reduce the impact of these charges on your life. Understanding when and how to obtain these sentences starts with obtaining sound legal advice.

The complexity and consequences of property crimes offences require legal understanding and experience. At Bourdon Defence you will find the help you need from experienced property crime lawyers with a track record of successes. Putting this legal team to work for you is your first step to understanding the complexities involved and strategizing approaches designed to get you the most favourable outcome.