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We’re on Your Side:

The criminal lawyers at Bourdon Defence will explain and work with you in developing strategies for your defence in ways you understand. We make sure all the options are explored, that the evidence is thoroughly examined and scrutinized, that we understand what is important to you, and we always work with you in determining the best defence strategies. The pages of this website help you understand some of the criminal offences we can help you with, but if you do not see something that matches your concerns, call us – we are on your side. We believe you deserve the best legal defence no matter the criminal charges you face.

We Only Practice in Criminal Defence:

The consequences of criminal charges on your life demand lawyers who are devoted to your interests and serious about defending criminal charges. You need a lawyer with experience, a record of successes and a rock solid understanding of the law. A lawyer who works relentlessly for your interests and who can fight for you in the courtroom, but who also speaks your language when needed.

It’s Important To Understand the Law:

The lawyers at Bourdon Defence are always on your side! Understanding the law is the key to formulating the best defence and raising all defences possible. But the law can be complex. We understand the complexities of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, search and seizure laws, the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and the other laws that give rise to criminal charges and prosecutions. We also understand the importance of, and legal aspects of, challenging the evidence presented, the witnesses offered, and the investigative processes undertaken. The processes of the police, in particular, need to be carefully examined and challenged for legality and constitutionality. Knowing the impact of Charter violations by police or others involved in investigating your case can allow a variety of defences. Locating the weaknesses in the case of the prosecution and its witnesses are part of the work we conduct as your criminal lawyers and are critical areas to understanding your case fully and how the law will treat you.

Understand Your Options Before Acting:

Some laws that give rise to criminal charges may seem straightforward. The experienced criminal lawyers at Bourdon Defence understand the tactics that the police and Crown prosecutors may use to build the case against you. Early on, the police or Crown prosecutor may offer you options – even a guilty plea option – that may seem attractive in their appeal to your sensibilities, including your goals and need to get things completed with the least disruption. However, only an experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you understand fully the real consequences of these options on your ability to obtain work, travel, or how they may affect your future plans.

We recommend only accept options respecting criminal charges and pleas after you have received legal advice and fully understand the consequences. This includes knowing where you might have a legitimate defence to the charges you face – the police and Crown prosecutor’s office is not going to tell you this, but we will! Even if your plan is to plead guilty, we can work with you to reduce the negative effects of this plea on your life. You need to know the likely outcomes of the choices you make before making decisions about pleading guilty or not guilty. You deserve to know all your options—including where you may have a defence.

Your Best Decision is Getting Help Today:

Talking to the experienced criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence will be the best decision you make in getting the help you deserve and need. If you have been charged with a criminal offence a delay can work against you; call us now.

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