Danusia Bourdon


Danusia Bourdon is one of the best criminal defence lawyers because she cares. Every case is a person’s life – a life with family, friends, and career – to defend. Danusia provides an individualized defence in all her cases because every case is unique. 

Each case, every person, has their own story and deserves the utmost respect, attention, and devotion to their case.  

Danusia began her career as a Crown Prosecutor, in Calgary, Alberta. It wasn’t long before Danusia knew that her dynamic courtroom skills and impassioned view of the law would best serve those charged with criminal offences – those facing the judicial system. As a prosecutor, Danusia saw firsthand the resources that the state has to prosecute offences, and often saw how the individual charged with the criminal offence was facing an uphill battle. Danusia became a criminal defence lawyer to help those charged with criminal offences so that they would not have to face the judicial system alone. 

Danusia understands that when you are charged with a criminal offence, it is just you and your lawyer against the State. The State is the police and crown prosecutors – it has infinite resources at its disposal to prosecute you. All you have is your lawyer. If you choose wisely, your lawyer is all you need.  


Years of

Danusia obtained her undergraduate degree from McGill University and her law degree from the University of Calgary. She has practiced in criminal law for the last 17 years in Calgary, Alberta. She has also defended clients in cities and towns all over Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Danusia has appeared at all levels of court in Alberta, including provincial court, Queen’s Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal. Danusia is a proud member of the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association, the Calgary Bar Association and the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association.

Your Criminal
Defence Lawyer

Danusia is passionate about criminal law and individuals’ rights. In criminal law, an individual’s rights are often tested when the police investigate an individual. That is why Danusia defends all cases vigorously – big or small. Every case is life-changing to the person charged with the offence. Danusia understands that.

As a senior criminal defence lawyer, Danusia has the experience, dedication, and passion for defending anyone charged with a criminal offence. She understands how serious every criminal charge is to every individual. 

Danusia’s philosophy is simple:
experience + passion + dedication =
your successful defence.