If you face charges of driving under the influence (DUI) in Calgary, you may have more questions than answers. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a person may sustain an impaired driving charge if he or she is found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher—or if he or she drives while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Spouses and others in a domestic relationship (that is, boyfriends and girlfriends who live together) commonly have joint accounts and may even use one another’s bank cards and credit cards under certain circumstances. However, when a relationship goes south and a spouse or domestic partner continues to do this, he or she may have gone beyond the scope of the permitted use.

Facing criminal charges in Calgary can be a very scary prospect. You may be wondering what to do next and what you should do (or not do) while you are awaiting trial in your case. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence in Calgary, pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada, the legal team at Bourdon Defence can ensure that you have effective, result-oriented representation throughout your case, up through and including trial.

A vandalism charge in Calgary falls under the umbrella of “criminal mischief.” A criminal mischief charge refers to interference with another person’s property. The potential penalties upon conviction depend upon the amount of damage caused to the property (that is, more than $5,000 or less than $5,000).

The Criminal Code of Canada establishes many criminal offences for unlawfully possessing and using firearms in Calgary. Moreover, when it comes to convictions and sentencing, Calgary courts typically treat these offences very seriously. If you are facing a gun charge in Calgary, you need an experienced lawyer on your side who will effectively defend you in court and fight for your legal rights.

Calgary police officers encounter methamphetamines—a type of street drug—almost every day. Methamphetamines are a type of stimulant, meaning that they speed up the functioning of a person’s central nervous system (CNS). These drugs are also extremely addictive and typically look like a white crystal powder.

A DUI charge or conviction can land you in hot water. Consequently, you want an experienced lawyer on your side who can handle your case effectively and help you obtain a good result. The Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence have helped hundreds of clients fight their DUI charges in court.

There is no disputing that operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs (including opioids) or alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Drunk and drugged driving can lead to serious accidents, personal injuries, and criminal charges for the offending driver.

Generally speaking, anyone who knows that a crime has been committed can report it by filing a police report. However, the Crown prosecutor ultimately makes the decision about whether to bring criminal charges.

Calgary search warrants allow a police officer or other investigator to preserve, examine, and locate evidence that may be related to a crime. Search warrants are issued both for purposes of investigation, as well as for collecting and gathering evidence that may be related to a crime.