Being arrested for a criminal offence can be a very scary experience. If you are arrested for a crime in Calgary, the first thing you should remember is to keep calm and refrain from becoming upset, yelling, or resisting arrest.

It goes without saying that drinking and driving never go hand in hand. A conviction for impaired driving in Calgary can lead to serious criminal penalties, including fines, administrative penalties, and jail time. In addition to impaired driving charges, however, significant alcohol consumption can also lead to other serious charges, including assault.

A confession is a written or oral statement in which the accused admits he or she is guilty of committing a crime that violates the Criminal Code of Canada. However, in some cases, you may be able to challenge the validity of a confession.

Crimes targeting individuals, including robberies and assaults, have been steadily increasing in and around Calgary during the first part of 2018. Crimes against individuals can also include sex offences and home invasions.

Rural crime busts are becoming increasingly more common. Such was the case earlier this summer when prosecutors charged two individuals from Calgary and one individual from Edmonton with a combined total of 282 charges.

Calgary drug possession charges and convictions are serious business. Drug possession may be actual or constructive. It is important to keep in mind that a Crown prosecutor may charge you with drug possession under the Criminal Code of Canada even if you do not have the drugs directly on your person.

A conviction for impaired driving, known in the United States as driving under the influence—or DUI—can lead to a myriad of penalties. Those penalties may include relatively minor administrative penalties, such as licence suspensions or revocations, along with hefty fines and even incarceration.

Under Canada’s Charter of Rights, if you have been arrested, you have a fundamental right to a lawyer. Anytime you are detained by police or arrested, you have the right to speak with a lawyer right away.

It is virtually impossible to say whether fighting criminal charges at trial is always better than a plea bargain. The answer depends upon the circumstances of each case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Alberta—or anywhere in Canada, for that matter—there are two main categories into which that offence can fall. Criminal offences in Canada are either summary conviction offences or indictable offences.