Stalking is a common type of criminal harassment prosecuted under the Calgary Criminal Code. Stalking is a serious crime and a conviction can result in a court ordering a variety of criminal penalties, including time in jail. If someone is accusing you of stalking them, and you are arrested or charged, it is important that you seek out an experienced defence lawyer to represent you throughout your case.

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Types of Stalking in Calgary

Criminal stalking can take a variety of forms. Common examples include the following:

  • Calling the alleged victim repeatedly—even if the accused hangs up before the alleged victim answers the phone
  • Text messaging the alleged victim repeatedly
  • Contacting the alleged victim repeatedly via email, Facebook, Instagram, or instant messaging over the internet
  • Physically following the alleged victim—or the alleged victim’s family members or friends—on foot or in a vehicle
  • Leaving the accused threatening voicemail or email messages
  • Tracking the physical whereabouts of the alleged victim
  • Making physical threats to the alleged victim’s family members, friends, or pets

Guilty Findings and Convictions

If the accused either pleads guilty to a stalking crime or if he or she is found guilty, a Calgary sentencing judge will determine the penalties to impose. In the least serious stalking cases (e.g., in cases where no physical threats of violence are involved), the accused may be sentenced to a period of probation. During the term of probation, the accused will have to satisfy certain conditions, such as meeting with a probation officer, staying out of trouble, and staying away from the alleged stalking victim. In more serious cases of stalking, such as where the accused makes physical threats of violence towards the alleged victim, the accused can receive a maximum of ten years in jail.

Potential Defences to a Stalking Charge

If you have been charged with criminal harassment or stalking in Calgary, your lawyer may be able to advance a legal defence on your behalf. For example, the accused may be able to argue that he or she was mistakenly identified and that, in fact, it was someone else who was doing the stalking. Alternatively, the accused may be able to argue that the alleged victim, in fact, was the one who had been initiating or encouraging communications with the accused.

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