Both local police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police step up traffic-law enforcement efforts over Victoria Day. RCMP officers and local sheriff’s deputies are out in force.

With Victoria Day falling on a Monday this year, expect a three-day weekend of celebration with plenty of opportunities for all kinds of trouble.

Each year around the Victoria Day holiday, local police and the RCMP ramp up traffic-law enforcement. In years past, RCMP and local officers have focused not only on impaired driving but also on speeding, seatbelt use, and distracted driving. In 2016, tickets issued included:

  • 3,105 speeding tickets
  • 73 seatbelt violation tickets
  • 22 distracted driving tickets

Last year, as well as in previous years, police put more officers on patrol and set up traffic checkpoints throughout the province. In 2016, there were four traffic deaths in Alberta on roads patrolled by the RCMP, which does not include seven municipalities. In an attempt to reduce those highway fatalities, as in years past, local departments and the RCMP will be teaming up in what they call the Integrated Traffic Unit to provide enhanced enforcement of traffic laws over the Victoria Day holiday.

Previous Victoria Day Enforcement Efforts Have Yielded Big Results

The Integrated Traffic Unit approach, featuring coordination between the RCMP and local police, has yielded significant results in years past. In 2015, across Alberta charges included:

  • 56 arrests for drunk-driving offences, as opposed to 35 in 2014 and 50 in 2013
  • 4,369 speeding citations. There were 3,960 such citations in 2014 and 4,049 in 2013
  • 39 drivers were charged with distracted driving, down from 60 in 2014 and 68 in 2013
  • Another 160 people were charged with failure to use seatbelts or child safety seats. There were 167 such citations in 2014 and 240 in 2015.

Knowing that the RCMP and local officers will be out in force should be caution enough for most people to keep their Victoria Day celebrations under control and to observe all traffic laws. Celebrating Victoria Day is considerably less celebratory if the weekend results in a traffic citation, particularly if that citation is for DUI or something even more serious. Stay safe and don’t drink and drive.

If You Are Charged With a Traffic Violation Over Victoria Day Weekend, Contact the Lawyers of Bourdon Defence

The police, both local and RCMP, are expected to be out in force over Victoria Day weekend. If you are caught up in the enhanced enforcement efforts and are charged with a traffic offence, you need to find a lawyer to determine what your rights are under the circumstances and help you navigate your criminal case. The lawyers of Bourdon Defence are here to help and can assist you in protecting your rights in the event of a DUI or similar charge. You can reach us at (403) 474-4143 or through our website.