Some people may believe that an impaired driving charge is not a serious matter. This is a mistake, as impaired driving convictions can have many penalties that can affect you for years to come.

In addition, impaired driving charges can be escalated for numerous reasons. For example, if you are arrested for impaired driving and have a child in your car, you could face harsher penalties and even additional criminal charges of endangering the welfare of a child. Unfortunately, another escalation of impaired driving charges and penalties occurs when impaired drivers cause an accident that results in harm or death to another person. One Calgary man who recently pled guilty to two offences learned this the hard way. According to reports, the defendant caused a crash and his blood alcohol content (BAC) measured at 0.247 percent afterward, well above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The crash caused a woman to be hospitalized for four months with serious injuries and resulted in the death of a 63-year-old man. In such situations, the law provides for more aggravated charges than simply “impaired driving.” The defendant reportedly pled guilty to the following offences:

  • Impaired driving causing bodily harm
  • Impaired driving causing death

The law sets out potential penalties for the above charges that are drastically more severe than for impaired driving. For example, both convictions are indictable offences, which will go on a person’s permanent record. Additionally, impaired driving causing bodily harm carries a possible sentence of 10 years of imprisonment. Impaired driving causing death carries a possible sentence of imprisonment for life. Anyone who is accused of harming another person while driving drunk is certain to face aggressive prosecution, so you also need an aggressive defence.

How a Defence Lawyer Can Help

Many people believe that if the circumstances and evidence against them look bad, a conviction of their charges will be inevitable. For example, if you are accused of harming another person in a crash and your BAC measured over the legal limit, you may think you have no other option but to plead guilty right away. Always realize that you have the option of hiring a skilled criminal defence lawyer who will work to improve your circumstances. Our lawyers can identify and present any possible legal defences in your case. We can challenge the prosecution’s case against you. We can negotiate a favourable agreement should you choose to plead guilty, which may reduce your charges or sentence. We can also fight against your charges at trial if needed.

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