Rural crime busts are becoming increasingly more common. Such was the case earlier this summer when prosecutors charged two individuals from Calgary and one individual from Edmonton with a combined total of 282 charges.

The charges resulted from a rural crime bust that occurred just north of Calgary. The bust occurred following a phone call from a concerned resident who found a suspicious U-haul vehicle parked close to his home. As it turned out, the individuals who were in the vehicle were actually “casing out” his property. Shortly afterward, police arrived on the scene. At that time, the officers noticed the individuals attempting to remove the U-haul stickers from the van. The officers were also able to observe the inside of the van. When they did so, they discovered numerous burglar tools—including firearms—as well as drugs, ammunition, stolen mail, and stolen ID’s. The three individuals were ultimately arrested and faced theft charges over $5,000, along with related firearm and drug charges. According to police, these rural crime busts and thefts have significantly increased over the past several years around Calgary. In many instances, the perpetrators do not have fixed addresses. Moreover, the individuals committing these theft crimes are usually outsiders, as opposed to locals. There is no doubt that police are cracking down on theft crimes near Calgary since these incidents are becoming more common. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a theft conviction can result in serious criminal penalties and may have many negative impacts on your life. In the event you have sustained a Calgary theft charge, let the experienced Bourdon Defence criminal lawyers help you defend your case.

Theft in Calgary

Theft refers to the unlawful taking or misappropriation of certain property without a legitimate claim to the property. If an individual reasonably believes that the property belongs to him or her, then that belief may ultimately negate a theft charge. In order to convict you for theft, the Crown prosecutor must be able to demonstrate the following elements:

  • That you moved the property, had someone else move the property, or started to move the property of another
  • That, at the time you moved the property, you intended to steal it (even if only temporarily) and without the true property owner’s consent
  • The value of the stolen property

Calgary also differentiates between the values of the property stolen. Theft over $5,000—as opposed to theft under $5,000—is the more serious charge. Theft over $5,000 is an indictable offence, and, upon conviction, can result in up to ten years’ incarceration.

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