A DUI charge or conviction can land you in hot water. Consequently, you want an experienced lawyer on your side who can handle your case effectively and help you obtain a good result. The Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence have helped hundreds of clients fight their DUI charges in court.

Our legal team can raise the legal arguments necessary for you to obtain a favourable outcome in your DUI case.

Hiring a Local Lawyer

When it comes to choosing a DUI lawyer, you want someone who is local and who has defended numerous DUI cases in Calgary. A local lawyer will be familiar with the Calgary court system, Crown prosecutors, as well as the judges who routinely hear DUI cases. If the judge is familiar with the defence lawyer and trusts and respects him or her, you are more likely to obtain a favourable outcome in your DUI case. Those outcomes may include a complete dismissal of your DUI charge or a less serious penalty upon conviction.

Hiring a Lawyer with DUI Experience

In your case, it is essential that you hire a lawyer who has significant experience defending DUI cases. Some lawyers even focus their entire practices solely on DUI defence and do not handle other types of criminal matters. These lawyers will be most familiar with the judges and courts and will know which legal defences are most likely to result in a favourable outcome in your DUI case.

Meet With the Prospective Lawyer

In order for you to determine which DUI lawyer is best suited for your case, you should have an in-person meeting with several lawyers. This will help you decide which lawyer you have the most confidence in and with whom you feel the most comfortable. During your in-person meeting with each prospective DUI lawyer, you should do the following:

  • Be honest about all of the facts and circumstances of your DUI case. Lying about important facts (including blood alcohol concentration levels) or exaggerating certain facts will only hurt you in the long run.
  • Bring all of the important documentation to your meeting. When you attend the meeting, you should bring a copy of the police report with you, as well as any letters from the DMV or traffic citations. Citations are important because they will likely indicate the violations of the Criminal Code of Canada the prosecutor alleges.
  • Speak to the lawyer about his or her credentials. At the meeting, you should speak with the lawyer about the number of DUI cases he or she has handled, as well as the lawyer’s general experience level. If the lawyer cannot respond to your questions clearly, then he or she may not have the necessary amount of experience to defend you in court.

Contact a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Today About Your DUI Case

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