Facing criminal charges in Calgary can be a very scary prospect. You may be wondering what to do next and what you should do (or not do) while you are awaiting trial in your case. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence in Calgary, pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada, the legal team at Bourdon Defence can ensure that you have effective, result-oriented representation throughout your case, up through and including trial.

DO—Hire a Qualified Lawyer

When you are in the process of selecting a criminal defence lawyer to represent you in your case, you should make sure to inquire about that lawyer’s experience level. Ideally, you want to hire a lawyer with extensive experience defending clients facing the same type of charges as you.

DO—Watch What You Post on Social Media

While your criminal case is pending, you should be extremely careful about what you post on social media websites. Anything that you post about your case could potentially become evidence against you at trial.

DO—Ask About Potential Penalties Associated With Your Charge

Every Calgary criminal charge has potential penalties associated with it. You should make sure that you are clear about what those potential penalties are.

DO—Explore All of Your Legal Options

When you have been arrested or charged, you should always explore your legal options. These options may include a term of probation or pursuing a plea deal.

DO—Explore All Possible Defences

You should work with your lawyer to formulate a list of possible legal defences to your charge. A good legal defence could result in a dismissal of your case.

DON’T—Volunteer Information About Your Case Unnecessarily

When a police officer or investigator is asking you questions, you should not volunteer information. Ideally, you should have a lawyer present during any police questioning.

DON’T—Act in a Belligerent Manner Toward the Police

At all stages of your criminal case, you should be respectful toward police officers and investigators. Becoming angry and belligerent will only make a bad situation much worse.

DON’T—Become Visibly Upset in Court

When you are in the courtroom, you should be respectful to hearing officers, judges, and courtroom personnel. Again, behaving in a disrespectful or belligerent manner will only escalate an already bad situation.

DON’T—Wait Until the Last Minute

If you are facing a Calgary criminal charge, you should not wait until the last minute to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer needs to have time to meet with you, investigate your charge, and prepare a meaningful defence on your behalf.

DON’T—Fail to Show up for Court or Arrive Late

If you fail to show up for your court date or arrive late, the judge will most likely issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

DO—Contact a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, the legal team at Bourdon Defence may help. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer, please call us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online.