Domestic violence laws under the Criminal Code of Canada exist for one purpose: to protect victims of abuse from dangerous situations and people. If you are found guilty or convicted of domestic violence in Calgary, a court could issue a restraining order or protective order against you.

You can also be subject to high fines, incarceration, and other criminal penalties—especially if you violate a standing restraining order or protective order. In some cases, people file false domestic violence charges. The individual filing the charge may have recently been set aside for someone else in a romantic relationship, or the couple may be disputing custody or other childcare issues. In any case, the consequences of a domestic violence conviction can affect every aspect of your life, including your ability to get an education, find a place to live, and find a job. The experienced Calgary domestic violence defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence have the necessary legal skill and experience to help you with your case. Our team brings many years of combined legal experience to the table and can skillfully handle your domestic violence case from start to finish.

Restraining and Protective Orders

If you are found guilty or convicted of an act of domestic violence in Calgary, a judge will enter a restraining order or protective order against you. The purpose of these orders is to keep you away from your accuser, and in some cases, your own children. This is especially true if the accuser alleges that you put your child in danger. You may also be ordered to stay away from your residence. Some restraining orders and protective orders are “no contact” orders. These orders prohibit the offender from contacting the protected person in any way, including via phone, text message, email, or instant messaging. Other protective orders are “stay away” orders. These orders allow for verbal or phone contact but preclude the offender from entering the alleged victim’s premises, residence, or place of employment.

Violating a Restraining or Protective Order

Court orders are not suggestions. Rather they are mandates that preclude a domestic violence offender from doing certain things and taking certain actions. Courts view violations of restraining orders and protective orders extremely seriously. Not only can the court extend these orders, but it may subject the violator to additional penalties that could include jail time and high fines.

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No one should ever take charges of domestic violence lightly. This is primarily because domestic violence laws are focused almost entirely on the victim. In a domestic violence case, the accused must show that he or she is not an emotional or physical threat to the alleged victim. In addition to serious criminal penalties, a domestic violence conviction can result in a protective order that may potentially limit contact with your children. You will also have a domestic violence conviction on your record. If you were charged with or convicted of domestic violence, call the lawyers at Bourdon Defence for assistance. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Calgary domestic violence defence lawyer, please call us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online.