There is no disputing that a criminal conviction in Calgary can result in penalties, including fines and jail time, depending upon the offence. These penalties often depend on whether the offence is a summary conviction offence, as opposed to a more serious indictable offence.

However, what many people do not consider are the so-called collateral consequences associated with a criminal conviction in Calgary. Those consequences may include the suspension or revocation of a professional licence upon obtaining a criminal conviction. In some cases, depending upon the profession, there are certain steps the alleged offender might take for the reinstatement of a professional licence. If you are currently facing criminal charges and hold a professional licence, the experienced Calgary defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence may be able to help you today.

There Are Different Considerations for Different Professions

Just because you sustain a criminal conviction in Calgary does not necessarily mean that your professional licence is going to be suspended or revoked. The negative impacts of a criminal conviction on a professional licence typically depend upon the following:

  • The facts and circumstances surrounding the underlying criminal offence
  • Whether the offence was a summary conviction offence or an indictable offence
  • The regulations and rules that govern the specific profession

The regulations and rules governing specific professions, including doctors, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and teachers, may come in the form of disciplinary procedures, licensing standards, and ethical guidelines which are published by the governing professional organization or association. Licenced lawyers in Calgary, for example, are bound by standards of professional conduct that they must follow in their practice, and they can be subject to discipline if they commit a serious offence or a crime of ‘moral turpitude.’ If the court convicts a lawyer of a crime, disciplinary action could include anything ranging from a warning or reprimand to a licence suspension. The College of Physicians & Surgeons in Alberta handles complaints about physicians. If the physician was charged with or convicted of an indictable offence, they could be subject to losing their licence, depending upon the circumstances. This would be especially true if the physician had a conviction of committing a crime against his or her patient, such as a criminal assault or battery.

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If you are a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or accountant who is facing criminal charges, you may be looking at a suspension (or even revocation) of your licence to practice under certain circumstances. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon defence may be able to represent you at a disciplinary hearing before a professional board to argue against a licence suspension or revocation—or to ask for the reinstatement of your licence. Our legal team can also represent you in criminal court for various legal proceedings. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer, please call us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online.