Child endangerment is a very serious criminal offence, and a conviction can land you (or a family member) behind bars for a long time. Moreover, a child endangerment conviction on your record can have personal and financial consequences for you—especially when it comes to finding a job, finding an apartment, or seeing your family (including your children).

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Defining Child Endangerment

Child endangerment charges typically arise in cases where the accused creates a situation that is likely to produce injury, death, or some sort of danger to a minor child. In some cases, this may involve intentional acts by the accused that result in one or more of the following:

  • Physical suffering and pain to the minor child
  • Emotional injury or distress to the minor child
  • Mental suffering to the minor child

In many instances, the individual charged with child endangerment in Calgary is a family member or caregiver for the child, such as a parent or a babysitter who cares for the child on a regular basis. For the prosecutor to secure a conviction of child endangerment, it is not necessary that the minor child actually is harmed by the accused’s actions or inactions. Rather, it is only necessary that the accused places the minor child in an environment where he or she is likely to suffer emotional, physical, or mental injury. A conviction for child endangerment may result in serious penalties, including both monetary fines and jail time.

Instances of Child Endangerment in Calgary

Endangering a child in Calgary can involve a variety of actions or inactions by the accused directed towards a minor child. Those actions or inactions may include the following:

  • Leaving a minor child in a motor vehicle by himself or herself when it is very hot outside, possibly causing overheating, burns, or other similar injuries
  • Leaving a child alone in a dangerous neighbourhood or other area where the child is likely to be abducted or kidnapped, increasing the chances of injury
  • Driving the minor child around in a motor vehicle while the driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs—or while operating the vehicle recklessly or at a high rate of speed, increasing the chances of an accident that could bring about injuries—or even death—to the minor child

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