Underage possession charges in Calgary have serious consequences. If the government is charging your son or daughter with an underage possession charge, you should hire a lawyer who has experience handling and defending these types of cases.

At Bourdon Defence, our criminal defence lawyers regularly defend underage possession and DUI charges in the Calgary court system. A member of our legal team will meet with you personally and immediately get to work on formulating a legal defence for the courtroom.

Calgary Underage Laws

In Calgary, the law prohibits minors who are under the age of 18 from consuming or possessing alcohol. Moreover, you must be at least 18 years of age to consume alcohol in public, such as at a lounge, restaurant, or tavern. Moreover, as a minor, you are not even allowed to possess alcohol. If a police officer suspects that a minor is in possession of alcohol, the officer can search the minor’s motor vehicle, house, boat, or other property—without the need for a search warrant. Minors also cannot possess drugs in Calgary, including marijuana. Two kinds of possession apply to underage possession charges: actual possession and constructive possession:

  • Actual possession means that the minor has the alcohol or drug directly on his or her person or otherwise under the minor’s direct control.
  • Constructive possession means that the minor has the alcohol or drug within his or her reach or immediate vicinity or control.

Defending a Calgary Underage Possession Charge

If a minor is charged with and convicted of underage possession, he or she could face jail time, monetary fines, or both. Consequently, developing and asserting a good legal defence is extremely important in a criminal case involving an underage possession charge. If you face charges of underage possession, you may be able to allege the following:

  • That the beverage which you are charged with possessing was not actually an alcoholic beverage
  • That another person coerced you into consuming the alcohol or drugs
  • That the Breathalyzer machine or other testing equipment used by police was not functioning properly
  • That although you were present in the motor vehicle or home, you were not aware that the alcohol or drugs were present

For example, if police officers found alcohol or drugs in your home and you can show that someone else lives there—and that he or she brought the items into the home—then that may be a winnable defence to your criminal charge.

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