There has been an ongoing debate in recent years about whether or not Calgary police officers should wear body cameras while they are on the beat. A police body camera is a small camera that an officer typically wears on his or her chest or head. The camera has a microphone attached to it that captures internal data and sound, storing the recorded footage for a later viewing if necessary.

Although on the one hand, these cameras create accountability and have a tendency to reduce violence used against police officers, they can also overburden police officers with equipment and arguably violate people’s privacy rights. Questions surrounding police officer body cameras remain unresolved. If you face charges of a crime in Calgary, you need an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can safeguard your rights and stand up for them at all times. The lawyers at Bourdon Defence can file the necessary motions and paperwork with the court to try and suppress certain evidence, increasing your likelihood of obtaining a good result in your case.

Invading Privacy

Police body cameras arguably invade citizens’ privacy. They also have the potential to expose witnesses to crimes, as well as crime victims, and can damage the relationships between the police and the general public. More specifically, body cameras worn by police officers can potentially do all of the following:

  • Expose a person’s private medical condition
  • Expose victims of domestic abuse, rape, or other sensitive crimes
  • Expose witnesses—especially individuals who may fear that the perpetrator(s) will retaliate against them
  • Expose informants

In addition to potentially violating privacy rights, there are also significant concerns that body cameras worn by police officers are expensive and unreliable. There are also significant incidental costs associated with police body cameras, including extra training for officers, data storage facilities, and additional staff to manage and maintain the video data that cameras record.

Privacy Concerns

Although police officers can wear body cameras, the two biggest privacy concerns that arise include the following:

  • Consent - especially the question of whether the party or parties being recorded must first consent to the recording
  • Search and seizure - especially where police officer body camera recordings take place on someone’s private property—and without the existence of a search warrant or probable cause

Although authorities have not totally resolved these issues, only time will tell how the courts will address these privacy concerns.

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