Although driving on a suspended licence is not the most serious criminal charge that you could incur in Calgary, a conviction can still result in penalties and consequences. Therefore, it is a good idea to have strong legal counsel by your side when you face a driving on a suspended criminal charge.

The experienced Calgary driving defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can determine if your charge holds merit. Our experienced legal team can ensure that your legal rights remain protected throughout your criminal case and can work toward obtaining a dismissal on your behalf or a smaller penalty than what the Crown prosecutor recommends.

Prohibiting Drivers From Operating Their Motor Vehicles

The law in Calgary prohibits individuals from operating their motor vehicles under various circumstances. Pursuant to Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act, individuals may not operate a motor vehicle in Calgary when any of the following exists:

  • The person’s driver’s licence was cancelled, suspended, or revoked for any reason
  • The person, for whatever reason, is disqualified from operating a motor vehicle on the roads of Alberta
  • The person’s driver’s licence (including a driving permit) was cancelled someplace other than in Alberta
  • The person is ineligible to secure a driver’s licence or permit

Reasons Why Calgary Driver’s Licences Are Suspended

A person’s licence to operate a motor vehicle on Calgary roadways may be suspended for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons why a person may lose his or her licence to drive in Calgary include the following:

  • The person was found guilty or convicted of impaired driving (also known as driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI) in Calgary
  • The person violated some other provision driving-related provision of the Calgary Criminal Code
  • The driver failed to follow the rules of the road, including failing to stop after an accident, operating a motor vehicle in a reckless or negligent manner, or excessively violating the posted speed limits—especially where the driver has accumulated a certain number of points against his or her licence)
  • The driver failed to pay off any outstanding fines incurred as a result of driving-related offences

Hire a Calgary Driving Defence Lawyer Today

If you are caught driving without a licence or driving on a suspended licence, and you are convicted, you can face serious penalties up to and including jail time. You may also be required to attend a driver improvement course, and you will be unable to operate your vehicle for a period of time, resulting in further inconvenience. The skilled driving defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence understand the consequences associated with a driving on suspended conviction—including the potential personal consequences. Our legal team will do everything possible to reduce the impact of these consequences, help you get a fair result in your case, and return to your life as usual. To set up a free legal consultation and evaluation with a Calgary driving defence lawyer, you should call us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online.