Law enforcement authorities sometimes use informants in connection with drug transactions in order to try and lure unknowing individuals into an illegal drug sale. In some instances, these informants are police officers, criminal investigators, and other law enforcement personnel. At other times, informants are individuals who may face charges of other crimes and whom the Crown prosecutor offered a plea deal. In any case, when it comes to drug cases, the police usually have a pretty good idea beforehand who is involved in the drug sale or drug ring. They just need more information in order to establish the level of probable cause necessary to make their arrest. In drug sale or drug trafficking transactions, it is not necessary that the drug in question actually switches hands between the accused and an informant. An offer to sell, give, administer, transport, transfer, deliver, or send the controlled substance is sufficient to amount to drug trafficking under the law. Drug sale and trafficking is a very serious criminal offence. If you have face charges of drug trafficking, you need skilled representation on your side with experience handling drug cases in court on a regular basis. The Calgary drug defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence will explain all of your legal options to you in clear terms and present you with the best option for your case.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Generally speaking, drug trafficking under Calgary law involves not just selling illegal controlled substances for profit, but also any kind of sharing that involves these substances. Drug trafficking in Calgary may involve any of the following:

  • Administering, selling, transporting, transferring, giving, or sending an illegal controlled substance to another person or persons
  • Selling someone an authorization that is necessary in order for him or her to obtain the controlled substance
  • Offering to do any of the above

In other words, the controlled substance does not even need to switch hands in order for the offence to constitute drug trafficking.

Illegal Substances Involved and Potential Penalties

A variety of illegal controlled substances can be involved in drug trafficking. Those drugs include marijuana, crack, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth, LSD, and fentanyl. If you are ultimately charged and convicted of drug sale and trafficking in Calgary, you will be looking at long criminal sentences and penalties. Drug trafficking convictions that involve “hard drugs,” including cocaine, meth, opioids, and ecstasy can result in a minimum sentence of one or two years of incarceration, up to a potential life sentence.

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