If you or someone you love was charged with a crime in Calgary and given probation, the probation order likely lists the terms of that probation. If you violate your probation, there is no doubt that there will be consequences. The consequences usually depend upon the nature of the underlying criminal charge, as well as the extent of the violation. Many first-time probation violations result in a warning or some lesser penalty than jail time. If you face allegations of violating your probation, the court will set a date for a probation violation hearing. One of the experienced Calgary probation violation defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can represent you at your hearing and can argue for a lenient penalty on your behalf.

Types of Probation Violations in Calgary

Probation violations can take a variety of forms, depending upon the terms of the original probation. Common examples of probation violations that can get you in trouble—even for a first-time violation—include the following:

  • Failing to regularly report to your probation officer at the specified times—or showing up late to appointments
  • Failing to follow-through with drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs
  • Failing to take required anger management classes
  • Being arrested for another criminal offence while your probation is still in force
  • Failing to complete court-ordered community service
  • Having contact with someone whom the order precludes you from contacting during the term of your probation
  • Failing to submit certain paperwork by the required deadline

Consequences of a Calgary Probation Violation

If you violate any of the terms of your probation—even a seemingly minor one—your probation officer can violate you, and there can be consequences. Although for a first-time probation violation, the consequences are not likely to be as serious, you will still likely face some consequences. Typical consequences for a Calgary probation violation include the following:

  • Warnings - If you have never violated your probation before, or if the violation was a small or technical violation (such as failing to submit paperwork, for example), your probation officer may simply give you a warning. Your probation officer will also likely explain the possible consequences if you violate your probation in the future.
  • Community service - If you violate your probation for the first time, your probation officer may order you to complete additional community service hours.
  • Counseling - Some probation officers order counseling services if they suspect that the probation violation is due to underlying emotional or mental concerns.
  • Fines - You can sometimes be ordered to pay additional fines for a first-time probation violation.

If the first-time violation is extremely serious, you could even spend time in jail. However, this is usually just for a brief period.

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