Being arrested for a crime of domestic violence in Calgary can be a truly scary experience. The arrestee may have never been arrested or charged with a criminal offence under the Calgary Criminal Code before.

Consequently, the arrestee may have no idea where to turn or what to do. The first step you should take after being arrested for a domestic violence crime is to call a Calgary criminal defence lawyer who regularly handles domestic violence matters. At Bourdon Defence, we understand the frustration and confusion that typically results from being arrested for a crime—especially a crime that involves domestic violence. Our lawyers can help you gather the necessary evidence, formulate a defence to your domestic violence charge, and represent you at all legal proceedings in court.

Bail Hearings

Once the police make an arrest for domestic violence, they may hold the arrestee for a bail hearing. In most cases, the arrestee will not be permitted to have any contact with the alleged victim while the case is pending. In some instances, if the arrestee agrees to take part in an Early Intervention Program, the Crown prosecutor will agree to a bail variation. Once the program is complete, they may even withdraw the charge.

Gathering the Evidence

Once you have retained a lawyer to represent you in your domestic violence case, he or she will take steps to gather the necessary evidence. This evidence may include tangible evidence, such as a copy of the police report, as well as statements from any witnesses who may have been present during the domestic incident.

Formulating a Strong Defence

Domestic violence cases can be difficult to defend since the evidence—and often, public opinion—is not in your favour. A Calgary criminal defence lawyer at Bourdon Defence can help you come up with a legal defence that supports your version of the facts. In the domestic violence context, potential defences may include:

  • That you were merely defending yourself because, at the time of the incident, someone was using force against you
  • That the charge against you was exaggerated or fabricated by the alleged victim of the domestic violence—sometimes because of jealousy stemming from a heated separation or divorce proceeding
  • That the police violated your Charter rights during the course of an investigation surrounding the domestic violence incident

Preparing for a Hearing

Finally, during the weeks and days leading up to your hearing, a Calgary criminal defence lawyer can prepare you for what is about to happen. Your lawyer can help you prepare to testify at the hearing, if necessary, and prepare cross-examination questions for the police officers, witnesses, and other individuals who the Crown prosecutor may call at the hearing.

Hire a Domestic Violence Defence Lawyer in Calgary Today

A domestic violence arrest sometimes catches people off guard. At Bourdon Defence, we assist people with defending their domestic violence charges every day. To set up a free legal consultation and evaluation with a domestic violence defence lawyer in Calgary, you should reach out to us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online