The maximum penalties for an indictable offence conviction under the Calgary Criminal Code may include some period of incarceration—typically, for more than one year. Penalties for these offences can also include monetary fines, as well as probation.

In addition to these legal penalties, however, you can also suffer a variety of collateral consequences following a conviction for an indictable offence. Those penalties can include loss of a professional licence or voting rights. Given that background checks are becoming more and more prevalent, you may also have a difficult time finding a place to rent or work. A conviction can also result in job loss. If you find yourself facing a criminal conviction, the skilled Calgary defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence may be able to assist. At Bourdon Defence, our lawyers understand that a criminal conviction touches every aspect of a person’s life and goes well beyond the monetary fines and potential jail time. Our skilled lawyers can fight for your legal rights and do everything possible to minimize the impact of a criminal conviction.

Losing a Professional Licence

One collateral consequence of an indictable offence conviction is the loss of a professional licence, such as a medical licence. The decision about whether you lose your licence following an indictable offence conviction depends, in part, on the following:

  • The seriousness of the specific offence and charges you face (i.e., the specific crime)
  • The facts and circumstances surrounding the offence

In many instances, a professional board determines the consequences following a conviction. While you may not lose your licence entirely, you have to serve a period of probation following your conviction.

Voting Rights, Renting, Employment, and Education

In addition to the loss of a professional licence, an indictable offence conviction can also result in a loss of voting rights and an inability to vote during elections. It can also affect your ability to rent or to become employed. Nowadays, when you go to lease an apartment, the leasing agent will likely perform a background check on you. If the background check reveals an indictable offence conviction on your criminal record, a landlord may deny you a leasing opportunity. You may also have difficulty finding employment for the same reason. If you are applying to a professional school or trade school, an admissions committee may deny you admission if they discover an indictable offence conviction on your record.

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