If you find yourself in the midst of criminal DUI proceedings, you’re not alone. About 130 per 100,000 persons in Calgary faced DUIs in a recent year. A Calgary DUI lawyer can help you.

Following your DUI charge or arrest, a lawyer can help you prior to and during your criminal court hearing. If you have been charged with DUI, representing yourself is usually a big mistake. Let the experienced DUI defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence assist you today.

Evaluating the Facts of Your Case

The first thing a Calgary DUI defence lawyer can do is to discuss the facts of your case—including what happened during your traffic stop and arrest. If police officers did not follow the proper protocols at these times, your DUI attorneys can seek to suppress all of the DUI evidence. This could result in a complete dismissal of your DUI case under certain circumstances.

Helping You Assert a Good Legal Defence

Individuals facing Calgary DUI charges may be able to argue a defence in court. Some of those potential defences include the following:

  • The improper traffic stop of your vehicle
  • Improperly functioning breathalyzer equipment
  • Acid reflux or other health condition which causes alcohol to be permanently present in your mouth

The criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can review exactly what happened and see if your situation warrants one or more of these legal defences.

Negotiating a Plea Deal

Even if these defences do not apply to the facts of your case, an experienced DUI defence lawyer may still be able to work out a favourable plea deal with the Crown prosecutor handling your case. Under certain circumstances, for example, a Crown prosecutor may be willing to reduce your DUI charge down to a reckless driving charge. This is especially true if the defence lawyer has a good rapport with the prosecutor and has worked with him or her before. At Bourdon Defence, our lawyers handle DUI cases in court on a regular basis and have good working relationships with the Crown prosecutors who also handle these matters.

Cross-examining Witnesses in Court

If your DUI case must go to court, the experienced criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can offer you zealous representation in the courtroom. Specifically, our lawyers can cross-examine the witnesses called by the Crown prosecutor in your case, including police officers, and expose any holes or deficiencies in the prosecution’s case. In some instances, this can lead to a complete dismissal of your DUI charge.

Call a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer Today

If you find yourself facing a Calgary DUI charge, you should not delay in finding an experienced lawyer to represent you. The lawyer you select needs to have time to review all of the circumstances of your case—including your arrest—in order to formulate a strong legal defence to your charge. At Bourdon Defence, we will start working on your case right away and offer you the experienced representation you and your case deserve. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Calgary DUI defence lawyer, please call us today at (403) 474-4143, or contact us online.