In addition to the jail time, fines, and other potential penalties associated with a Calgary DUI conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada, there are also some collateral consequences associated with a DUI conviction that can affect every aspect of your life.

A DUI conviction can cause you to lose your security clearance, lose financial aid (i.e., for university students), or lose a professional licence, among other serious consequences. If you find yourself facing criminal DUI charges, you are not alone. The experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can offer you thorough legal representation throughout every stage of your criminal DUI case.

Losing a Security Clearance Following a DUI Conviction

Some jobs—especially military and government jobs—require that their employees maintain active security clearances at all times. If you receive a conviction for DUI, the government could revoke your security clearance on a temporary or permanent basis.

Potential Deportation

If you are not a Canadian citizen at the time you sustain your DUI conviction, you could be deported and sent back to your home country. This is especially true if you have a record of criminal convictions—or if you have other criminal cases pending in the court system. The government could also decide not to renew your Canadian work visa.

Losing Financial Aid and Scholarship Money

If you sustain a DUI conviction while you are a college or university student in Calgary, you could lose any scholarship money that you are currently receiving. What ultimately happens depends upon your school’s bylaws, as well as the conditions for the actual scholarship or financial aid that you are receiving.

Losing a Professional Licence

Some professions, including doctors and lawyers, require that you maintain a professional licence at all times in order to practice in that profession. Upon a conviction of DUI, however, your licence could be suspended or revoked, depending upon your professional board’s licencing guidelines. There are also steps that you must take in order to have your professional licence reinstated.

Insurance Rate Increases

If you are found guilty or convicted of a Calgary DUI, your insurance rates, including your car insurance rates, will almost always go up. Your health insurance rates and life insurance rates could also increase.

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