Using synthetic urine is becoming common practice for individuals hoping to cheat on Calgary drug tests. Synthetic urine products that are available on the market today include Quick Fix, Ultra Pure, UPass, Sub Solution, and Mangum.

The main purpose of these synthetic urine products is to mimic the chemical properties and visual appearance of human urine during a drug test. People can buy synthetic urine products on the market and slip them into a specimen cup at a lab testing facility. They do this to try to outsmart the drug tests administered by their prospective employers, employers, and educational institutions. As you can imagine, purchasing and using synthetic urine to disguise the results of a chemical drug test can have serious consequences. If you get caught in one of these situations, the experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can examine your circumstances and work to minimize or eliminate the consequences.

Who Must Undergo Drug Testing?

Drug testing in today’s world is becoming more and more commonplace. Prospective employers, regular employers, and even educational institutions are requiring employees, prospective employees, and students to undergo regular drug testing at various intervals. Individuals who have been charged with a crime in Calgary and sentenced to a period of probation may also be required to undergo drug testing at certain times or attend drug treatment and rehabilitation programs. When individuals purchase and use synthetic urine to substitute for their own urine during a required drug test—especially when they know that they would ordinarily test positive for drugs—they foster potentially unsafe work and educational environments.

Will I Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine?

Sometimes individuals get caught using synthetic urine during a drug test and sometimes they do not. In many instances, the temperature is the giveaway when it comes to synthetic urine products. If the specimen collected falls outside the temperature range of between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, it is obviously a phony specimen. Other common giveaways that the specimen is synthetic urine rather than actual urine include the pH level of the specimen, the lack of creatinine (which is produced by human kidneys), lack of bubbles when the specimen is shaken, and the specimen scent.

Consequences of Using Synthetic Urine During a Drug Test

Some common legal and non-legal consequences associated with using synthetic urine during a chemical drug test (and getting caught) include the following:

  • Loss of job (or not getting the job, in the event you are an applicant)
  • Not getting accepted to school
  • Loss of scholarship status at school
  • Probation violation entered (if you are currently on probation at the time)
  • Fines and jail time under some circumstances

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