If you face charges of a crime in Calgary, it is not usually a good idea to go pro se—or to represent yourself at trial and other court proceedings. In fact, if you show up to court without a lawyer, a judge can make you proceed forward by yourself. If you are facing criminal charges, the experienced criminal defence legal team at Bourdon Defence can assist you with your case.

Our knowledgeable team can review the facts of your charge and set to work on preparing your legal defence.

Undertaking Thorough Investigations

One of the pitfalls of representing yourself in a criminal case is that you will not be able to undertake a thorough investigation on your own. The Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can investigate the circumstances of your criminal charge under the Calgary Criminal Code. They can speak with witnesses in order to determine what actually occurred. They can also examine the circumstances of your arrest in order to determine if there were any Charter violations. If there were, your lawyer can file a motion with the court to have the necessary evidence excluded. In some cases, this can result in a complete dismissal of your charge.

Plea Deals

Another downfall of representing yourself during a criminal proceeding is that you will be less likely to obtain a favourable plea deal. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence have excellent working relationships with Crown prosecutors. Our lawyers can pursue a good plea deal—or a charge reduction—on your behalf.

Strong Legal Defences

Another pitfall of self-representation is that you may miss out on developing a winning legal defence. The Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence can help you develop an alibi or formulate another strong defence, depending upon the circumstances and facts involved in your case. Other potential defences besides alibi can include the following:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Lack of specific intent

A strong legal defence could even lead to the Crown prosecutor dropping your criminal charge or charges.

Sentencing Hearings

Depending upon the nature of the evidence against you, convictions, in some cases, cannot be avoided. When that happens, a judge will make the decision on sentencing in your case. If you do not have a lawyer representing you, you are likely to obtain a more severe sentence, which might include incarceration. The Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Bourdon Defence regularly practice before criminal court judges. Our skilled lawyers can advocate for you at sentencing hearings and ask for the lowest possible penalty. This could result in the court imposing a period of probation or some other lesser penalty.

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